Dr. Sudha Tandon

Welcome to Sudha Tandon's Fertility, IVF & Endoscopy Treatment Center

Our Centers are in Chembur, Mumbai and Vashi Navi Mumbai and offers an extensive range of Gynec and fertility treatment services under one roof. We offer complete support to couples who are unable to conceive naturally.

Dr. Sudha Tandon is an expert in Operative Gynec Endoscopy Surgery and ART(Assisted Reproductive Techniques). She and her experienced team have helped over 3000 couples battle various fertility issues for more than 24 years. Treatment facilities provided in both of her clinic are Gynecology Endoscopy, Fertility Treatment / ART [IUI Treatment, IVF Treatment, ICSI Treatment, Surrogacy Treatment, Egg Donor Facilities] USG(Sonography) and Maternity/Pregnancy Care. We have a good experience in treating international couples coming from US, UK, UAE, Canada and Australia with IVF treatment and also guiding them for all legal issues in Egg donation and Surrogacy.

Our centers are of international standard, hygienic, well equipped and are aesthetically designed. The Chembur Center is IS0-9000-2008 certified and is located in the city of Mumbai. It is easily approachable by rail, road and is about 10 kms from Mumbai Airport. The Navi Mumbai Center is located in Sector 17, Vashi and is also easily accessible by all modes of transportation.

Medical Tourism

  • Dr Sudha Tandon has tremendous experience of about 24 years in Gynec Endoscopic surgeries and 15+ years in fertility treatment (Assisted Reproductive Techniques)
  • World class state of ART equipments in Endoscopy and ART lab
  • Patients are very happy with the friendly atmosphere
  • Clean laboratory and Operation Theater with equipment of world class standards
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"Dr. Sudha Tandon is very kind & generous. She has been extremely patient and co-operative with me throughout my surgery and illness. The staff of Tandon Hospital is punctual and maintains hygine."

Swapna Krishnamurthy

"We were very unhappy with life and God. After trying for 5 years we could not become parents. Taking treatment from many doctors even homeopathy, Ayurvedic and other medicine. But when we started taking treatment from Dr. S. T. who showed confidence, we are now happy that we are having bundle of joy. She has the latest knowledge and is very communicative. Her clinic is very clear and staff very co-operative. She has been an Angel to us. Thanks a lot."

We hope you're doing well! Today is Sam and Jenna's 4th birthday! We can't believe they are so big already. They are just fantastic. So healthy and happy and really doing well.
We recently moved to Los Angeles and they are so happy here, as are we!
Hope you're doing well! "

Alan & Andrew

"We cannot believe that Jenna and Sam are one year old today! They are doing absolutely wonderful. Such Happy, good natured children. Getting bigger every day and they have such different personalities. Jenna is very strong willed and knows what she wants….Sam is just happy to sit and watch us all day! I've attached a photo from this past weekend to show you how big they are now. We have been thinking a lot about our time in Mumbai and how grateful we are to you all for everything. We will forever be appreciative of the great care you took of Jenna, Sam, surrogate Mother and us.
Hope you're doing well – all the best."

Alan & Andrew

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